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Waterfall, Agile and Value + FREE CHEAT SHEET

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81. Waterfall, Agile and Value + FREE CHEAT SHEET // Grab your FREE Cheat Sheet:


It seems that “the internet” has concluded that four graphs – VALUE, RISK, VISIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY – are the key to the differences between Waterfall and Agile.

But here’s the thing: I’m not sure that the “Gang of Four” graphs are correct. In today’s episode, I take pot shots at the RISK curves – with a little help from the one and only Henrik Kniberg.

My thanks to James Allen for letting me know that the graphs are copyright VersionOne. I’ve added a link below.


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Today Waterfall and Agile Through the lens of VALUE Oh… and stick around to the end for details of how to get your free “Agile vs Waterfall Cheat Sheet” This is Development That Pays I’m Gary Straughan And I was preparing for this episode, (When I say “preparing”, I of course mean “while I was googling”) I came across this set of four graphs. The dotted line here is for a Waterfall project The yellow line is for an Agile project. Nicely done. I also came across this set of four graphs And this set And this set And this set And this set And this set And this set I’m not sure where this “quadrumvirate” originated If you happen to know please let me know so that I can credit it properly – Wherever it came from, it’s really caught on. It would appear that the internet is in broad agreement that these are the four graphs that describe the whole Waterfall vs Agile ‘thing’ So they must be right Right Well, I have bones to pick with at least two of them. Today we’ll take a look at one of those the graph of Value The first bone of contention is the term “Business Value” I don’t really like that term. At least not in this context The term I prefer is CUSTOMER Value. The waterfall projects I’ve been involved with delivered ZERO customer value until the big bang launch Think of building a bridge Quarter of a bridge Half a bridge 7/8 of a bridge No value delivered to the customer It’s only when the bridge is finished And people can drive across it That value of delivered Agile-wise, I’m happier. But not completely happy. I know we want to deliver high value early, But do we really get such a flying start Or is the first sprint all about getting things set up I’d prefer to see more of an s-curve To indicate a slow start before we get into our stride then levelling off in the later stages. When I was googling to find every possible version of “the four graphs” I came across another graph. By a guy called Henrik Kniberg. You may have come across him before. We’ve mentioned him a few here on Development That Pays,. His image of how to do – and not to do – a Minimum Viable Product went viral and – like the four graphs – was much…. “reproduced”. Anyway, here’s Henrik’s take on the value graph. A usual, Henrik gets everything right Here’s the nice s-curve for the agile project And the waterfall project delivers little value until the end Henrik gets something else right… Something that you can’t see because I’ve “doctored” this diagram slightly, I’ll show you the real version in a moment. Something that most of the others get wrong. Wrong Wrong Wrong Possibly right Possibly [right] If you’ve been delivering value… you’ve been learning. … and if you’ve been learning, you’ve been learning how to provide more value. Here’s Henrik’s un-doctored version. With the additional VALUE highlighted here As Henrik puts it: “Faster learning means higher value.” Two quick things before we finish Firstly, What do you think about this Has Henrik created the ultimate waterfall vs agile value graph Secondly, If you’re interested in Waterfall and Agile and the differences between them you should grab a copy of this cheat sheet It’s called the “Waterfall vs Agile Cheat Sheet” Click the link Follow the instructions And it’s all yours If you liked this episode, please click to LIKE SHARE it far and wide and click the logo… to subscribe for a new episode every Wednesday. Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Waterfall, Agile and Value + FREE CHEAT SHEET
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– Choose destination folder

How to Use:
Open destination folder and locate file notes.txt, open it and read step by step.

Don’t forget to read instructions after installation.
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